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Dead in Halifax

Dead in Halifax

Stories from the lives of the notable and the notorious who ended up in Halifax’s five historic downtown cemeteries

An amazing array of people have lived – and died – in Halifax since the arrival of English settlers in 1749. In this book author Craig Ferguson recounts the life stories of fascinating characters as well as ordinary people with extraordinary experiences who are buried in downtown Halifax’s historic cemeteries.

The book features more than 50 individuals and their adventures — from scoundrels to heroes, children to generals, fire chiefs to pilots, and everything in between. There’s new light cast on the lives of better known Nova Scotians too, including Robert Stanfield, Joseph Howe and Viola Desmond. Harsh realities emerge regarding the city’s past, as Craig Ferguson explores the segregation of African Nova Scotians even after death in a section of the Camp Hill cemetery.

This book will engage and inform anyone with an interest in Halifax’s colourful past.