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Digitally Lit in the News

Local Literary Initiative Empowers Future Leaders Through Reading

“It’s allowed me to explore myself … and this other ocean of books,”

BookTok? Bookstagram? Young Literary Critics thrive online.

'Every video I post I'm finding new people who love to read'

Celebrating National Indigenous History Month and Pride Month

Youth Ambassador Oliver Hallett creates a book newsletter with a little something for everyone.

Decouvir la passion des livre sur TikTok

Connaissez-vous le #BookTok ? Une tendance américaine née grâce à l'application TikTok qui gagne en popularité auprès des jeunes. Certaines entreprises ont même remarqué que les ventes des titres sélectionnés par cette communauté virtuelle augmentent en flèche.

Traditional publishers turn to youth ambassadors for online marketing

Once upon a time, book publishers used only one storyline to market their products. Then they embraced the idea of youth ambassadors, and the rest is…To find a good book, all Newfoundland and Labrador’s Molly Powers had to do was look in her own, figurative, backyard. But it’s something she didn’t think of doing until recently.

Digitally Lit: Moncton teen uses social media to encourage others to read local

For 16-year-old Moriya Boyle, there's no better way to spend an afternoon than getting lost in a good book. An avid reader throughout her childhood, Boyle says life quickly became too busy for her to read as often as she would have preferred. That is until the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the world slowed down.

N.B. teen using social media to get more youth to read books from Atlantic Canada

As a youth ambassador for Digitally Lit, 16-year-old Moriya Boyle has used social media to influence more than 80,000 potential readers across Atlantic Canada and the world.

The Deaf Community or ASL is not a Fluffy Piece to be Consumed

When I accepted a very-last minute request to be interviewed by CTV which would be happening within the next two hours, I had an ominous feeling that the next couple days might be crazy. I was right in both the best and worst ways.

Nova Scotia teen uses American Sign Language skills to share stories with youth

Kaylee Harding combines her love of reading and her second language, American Sign Language (ASL), by sharing stories with youth across Atlantic Canada.

MLIS alum featured in Saltwire (ASL Story Time brings children’s literature to life with sign language)

Storytelling has to be the oldest art form we have, dating back to the birth of language when oral histories took shape and tales of ancestral deeds and mythic explanations for the world as humans knew it were passed on from one generation to the next.

ASL Story Time brings children’s literature to life with sign language

In the digital age, two Nova Scotian practitioners of American Sign Language present the online video series ASL Story Time, bringing East Coast authors’ work to life for a young audience that might not get to enjoy them through traditional means.

Damini pens poetic tribute to African Nova Scotians

Damini performed her poem at the Black Cultural Centre in Cherry Brook, N.S., as part of African Heritage Month celebrations. 

13-year-old Halifax Poet creates book club for Black and Indigenous stories

Damini  is also an artist, activist, and philanthropist, and runs the "Afro-Indigenous Book Club," the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada.

Nova Scotian teen creates virtual Afro-Indigenous youth book club

Inspiring peers about other experiences and cultures makes 13-year-old Damini enthusiastic.

Reading, from books to Coffee News

The backbone of Digitally Lit is a group of “Youth Ambassadors” with a love of reading, who agree to share their enthusiasm for the books they are reading with other young people. 

Mount Pearl Librarian hopes for big things in little collections

Powers Pond Park has a new addition as of this past week.

News from the North: Canadians Create Safe Spaces with Words

Children’s book publishers across Canada are rallying to provide reading material to educate, entertain, and support children during the Covid-19 crisis.

Digitally Lit: Quill & Quire

A paid membership is required to access Q&Q Omni material, including some of the content on this page.

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