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Bridge to Publishing: Reclaiming the Indigenous Narrative of Atlantic Canada

Bridge to Publishing is a program that supports Indigenous narrative sovereignty in all forms of publishing and media by engaging youth in storytelling initiatives rooted in community, culture, and tradition. In partnership with Ulnooweg Education Centre and eight of the regions largest publishing houses, we are currently running a one-year professional development pilot program led by a steering committee of Indigenous elders, artists and community leaders and supporting 23 Indigenous youth from communities across the region. The pilot is focused on addressing systemic barriers preventing youth from pursuing careers in publishing and other storytelling mediums and our first year was made possible through the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation. Demand for this program has been overwhelming and we are currently seeking funding to expand upon the offerings of this program so we can bring it to offer it to a greater number of interested youth. 

To learn more about how Bridge to Publishing grew from grassroots research and community engagement with the Digitally Lit youth participants visit the Bridge to Publishing website to read our story. 

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