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Literacy Engagement Projects

Our Atlantic Canadian Youth Ambassadors have come up with some fantastic literary-focused online and offline community engagement projects.
We hope you’ll share in their enthusiasm for reading local books, storytelling, and youth empowerment by taking part in some or all of these activities, too.
Youth Draw the Word
Digitally Lit Newsletter

The Atlantic Muse - A New Creative Hub!

Launched in Spring 2024, The Atlantic Muse is a dynamic quarterly digital art magazine devoted to illustrating local storytelling throughout the seasons. Guided by the visionary Youth Ambassador Devangana Sharma as Editor in Chief, the magazine showcases award-winning illustrations; in-depth spotlight interviews with established, and emerging, local storytellers; and more! 

Explore the latest issue to immerse yourself in the vibrant palette of Atlantic Canadian storytelling and celebrate the creativity that makes Atlantic Canada unique!

And be sure to visit The Atlantic Muse website to stay up to date on all things local illustration and storytelling. 

Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 7.31.39 AM.png

Book Aesthetics Captured in Video

One Bookstagram and BookTok trend we can't get enough is book aesthetic videos! Each one is like a mini time capsule capturing the essence of a book—without spoiling the plot!


Our YAs have definitely been embracing this trend. Youth Ambassador Hidayah, in particular, has been creating some powerful aesthetic posts to help you pick your next read. Check out Hidayah's aesthetic reel for Laura Best's Bitter, Sweet and be sure to follow Hidayah for more dreamy book aesthetics!

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 9.05.32 AM.png

Books Expressed as Comic Art

NB Youth Ambassador, Jazz, has a creative new way to connect with books through art; comics! Jazz has been drawing mini comics to interpret scenes from Atlantic Canadian books and sharing them as part of their book reviews. What a creative way to engage more deeply with a book!


Feeling artistic? Create your own bookish comic art, post it, and tag Digitally Lit so we can see your creation! But first, follow Jazz and check out their comics for some artistic inspiration! 


What type of reader are you?

NL Youth Ambassador Oliver Hallett's done it again with another great quiz! There are lots of different kinds of bookworms out there, but which of these seven reader archetypes are you? Perhaps you’re an Information Gather, a Reader who Writes or a different type of reader?
So what are you waiting for? Click here to take the quiz.

Quiz Header (2).png

Lit Art Giveaways

NB Youth Ambassador Ariela White wants to start the year off with a fun project called Lit Art. To get started she will list five elements from an Atlantic Canadian novel and her social media followers vote on the option they want her to draw. By voting readers are automatically entered to win the art piece! 

Follow Ariela by clicking here for your chance to win!

ariela wix.png

Sav Read's YouTube Channel

Did you know? The BookTube community has reached hundreds of thousands of viewers wordwide! To help spread the world of the wonderful books Atlantic Canada has to offer, NB Youth Ambassador Savannah Ferris has made her BookTube debut! Click here to start watching

wix sav.png

Atlantic Giveaways with Moriya

Want to win free Atlantic Canadian books? NB Youth Ambassador Moriya Boyle is giving her Instagram followers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to win over $1000 worth of Atlantic Canadian books from Digitally Lit’s five partnering publishers.

Launched August 2021, Moriya started by sharing a post for her followers to like, share & tag friends in! Don't miss out on the net one! Follow her DL dedicated Instagram account @reading_with_moriya.

Stay tuned for the next giveaway! 

website panel_edited.jpg

Sav's Read Local Summer Challenge

Grab your library card, a handful of bookmarks and, most important, your Summer Reading Passport! This summer, NB Youth Ambassador Savannah Ferris is hosting an online reading challenge for young book lovers, like you. Sign up today to read Atlantic Canadian books and WIN prizes! Click here to get started!


On My Bookshelf

On My Bookshelf is a by-youth-for-youth virtual interview series created by NL Youth Ambassador Molly Powers as part of her role as a Digitally Lit Youth Ambassador. OMB's mission is to celebrate and engage with Atlantic Canadian books by learning more about the stories and people behind them.

OMB Logo.png

Youth Draw The Word!

Former Youth Ambassador Ellie Wilson spearheaded  #YouthDrawTheWord. The project, now led by Youth Ambassador Alicia Maheux is focused on showcasing book-inspired creativity! Grab a book and channel your favourite passage into an art piece  — anything from watercolour to a graphic design piece, a sculpture to a cosplay  -- even a photo montage! Just make sure it captures the essence of some aspect of the book you’re reading, and tell us how!

Click here to view all submissions.

Painting of a house inspired by a book

Digitally Lit Newsletter

Former NS Youth Ambassador Claire Bennet, the former Editor and Founder of our bi-monthly newsletter, has handed her torch over to good hands. Since the new year (2021), NL Youth Ambassador Oliver Hallet has been the brains behind our Digitally Lit Newsletter.

To keep up to date with who's who and what's what at Digitally Lit, subscribe to our monthly newsletter here.

Stay up-to-date on book recommendations, updates, upcoming events, literacy engagement projects, creative writing, art and much more by Atlantic Canadian youth!

Website Engagement Template.png

Youth Read Atlantic

Former NB Youth Ambassador Jiayu Li launched a localized book review platform for youth by youth! The webpage focuses on Atlantic Canadian published texts and will be monitored closely by Digitally Lit’s mentors.

Click here to check it out!


"Which Atlantic Canadian Protagonist are you?"

Spearheaded by NL Youth Ambassador, Oliver Hallet, this is a fun tool for learning which literary character from books published in Atlantic Canada you most resemble.

Come on, have a little fun… give it a go!

Take The Quiz

Book covers for: Queen of the Crows, Phantom of Fire, All the Things we Leave Behind, Big Dig and Raven Stay by Me

Get Lit Libraries!

Spearheaded by NL Youth Ambassador Molly Powers, Get Lit Libraries are designed to provide easy and free access to books published in Atlantic Canada.


The rules are simple: take a book, enjoy it! And pass it on.

All books have been generously donated by local community groups and businesses. Currently, the very first Get Lit Library is up and running in Powers’ Pond Park, Mount Pearl, NL.

Teenage girl looking at books  in a Get Lib Library

Spearheaded by Newfoundland & Labrador Youth Ambassador Molly Powers, this project is wonderfully kind and inclusive in nature. Inspired to help build a sense of solidarity during the early days of our global pandemic. 

Click here to learn more

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FLASH Atlantic Fiction

Do you like to write creatively in short bursts? If so, Nova Scotia Youth Ambassador Alden Gibbon has just the assignment for you! The FLASH Atlantic Fiction creative writing campaign invites you to use prompts sourced from Atlantic Canadian books and write a VERY SHORT story ( 300 words or less!)

Click here to read the submissions. 


Fan Fiction 2020 Creative Writing Contest

Conceived by PEI’s Youth Ambassador Katie Shaw, this contest was launched on April 28, 2020, via both Katie’s and Digitally Lit’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube feeds.


Learn more

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