Literacy Engagement Projects

Our Atlantic Canadian Youth Ambassadors have come up with some pretty darn nifty literary-focused engagement projects.
We hope you’ll share in their enthusiasm for reading, on and offline engagement and youth empowerment by taking part in some or all of these activities, too.

Youth Read Atlantic

Coming Soon!

New Brunswick Youth Ambassador Jiayu Li is working hard to launch a localized book review platform for youth by youth! The webpage will focus on Atlantic Canadian published texts and will be monitored closely by Digitally Lit’s mentors.

Afro-Indigenous Youth Book Club 

Are you an avid reader between the ages of 13 and 18? Are you interested in locally published books by authors with diverse backgrounds? Then you'll want to sign up for #YouthAmbassador Damini Awoyiga's Afro-Indigenous Book Club, featuring only those books by African and Indigenous authors that are made right here in Atlantic Canada. To register email Damini at


The next round of the Afro-Indigenous Book Club will be meeting virtually in January 2021. Meanwhile, stay tuned for dates and the title of the next book choice!”

Get Lit Libraries!

Spearheaded by Newfoundland and Labrador Youth Ambassador Molly Powers, Get Lit Libraries are designed to provide easy and free access to books published in Atlantic Canada.


The rules are simple: take a book, enjoy it! And pass it on.

All books have been generously donated by local community groups and businesses. Currently, the very first Get Lit Library is up and running in Powers’ Pond Park, Mount Pearl, NL.

Digitally Lit Newsletter

Created by another Nova Scotia Youth Ambassador, Claire Bennet recognized the need to connect the broader community with the many exciting initiatives of the Youth Ambassadors.

To keep up to date with who's who and what's what at Digitally Lit, subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter here.

Stay up-to-date on book recommendations, updates, upcoming events, literacy engagement projects, creative writing, art and much more by Atlantic Canadian youth!

FLASH Atlantic Fiction

Do you like to write creatively in short bursts? If so, Nova Scotia Youth Ambassador Ainslie Gibbon has just the assignment for you! The FLASH Atlantic Fiction creative writing campaign invites you to use prompts sourced from Atlantic Canadian books and write a VERY SHORT story ( 300 words or less!)

Ainslie will publicly share all submissions that meet the requirements. Specifically, all authors must be between ages 13 and 25 and currently reside in Atlantic Canada. In addition, each entry must be no more than 300 words. Please make sure to include your first name, age and province of residence in your entry. All entries can be submitted via Instagram @flash.atlantic.fiction or by emailing:

Rosemary's Ramps

Led by Nova Scotia Youth Ambassador Damini Awoyiga, Rosemary’s Ramps is inspired by the Young Adult novel, The Sewing Basket by Susan White.


After reading the main character's mother (Rosemary) is diagnosed with Huntington’s disease and eventually uses a wheelchair, Damini got to thinking about the importance of accessibility ramps in her own community. She began encouraging youth to post pictures of accessibility ramps around their neighbourhoods.  Her goal is to help remove barriers to access by supporting businesses and facilities that prioritize accessibility.

Youth Draw The Word!

Led by New Brunswick Youth Ambassador Ellie Wilson, #YouthDrawTheWord is focused on showcasing book inspired creativity! Grab a book and channel your favourite passage into an art piece  — anything from a watercolour to a graphic design piece, a sculpture to a cosplay  -- even a photo montage! Just make sure it captures the essence or some aspect of the book you’re reading, and tell us how!

"Which Atlantic Canadian Protagonist are you?"

Spearheaded by Newfoundland & Labrador Youth Ambassador, Oliver Hallet, this is a fun tool for learning which literary character from books published in Atlantic Canada you most resemble.

Come on, have a little fun… give it a go!

Take The Quiz

Fan Fiction 2020 Creative Writing Contest

Conceived by PEI’s Youth Ambassador Katie Shaw, this contest was launched on April 28, 2020, via both Katie’s and Digitally Lit’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube feeds.


Learn more

Spearheaded by Newfoundland & Labrador Youth Ambassador Molly Powers, this project is wonderfully kind and inclusive in nature. Inspired to help build a sense of solidarity during the early days of our global pandemic. 


Learn more

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