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Meet the Literacy Champions

A brand new volunteer position at Digitally Lit, Literacy Champs are book smart, media-savvy youth from across Atlantic Canada tasked with sharing their honest opinion of the Atlantic Canadian books they read with peers. To learn more about who qualifies and how to apply to be a Literacy Champ with us, kindly click here. 
    Fun fact: I  am currently learning italian!

    Hi! My name is Darby Gibbon, and I'm currently living in Wellington, in beautiful Nova Scotia. I’m a grade nine student at Lockview highschool, in the french immersion program. So I'm looking forward to connecting with youth in both languages.

    I’ve always loved reading, writing, art, and of course nature! Growing up in Nova Scotia I fell in love with two things: reading, and nature around me. The words flowing from a book’s pages into my mind and creating a picture seemed like magic. Along with going on hikes, swimming, and camping, nature quickly became my happy space. So of course, my favorite spot to read is anywhere outdoors, especially when the sun is out. Canoeing and seeing the beauty of Atlantic Canada is another one of my favorite things. Some of my other interests are playing guitar, singing and collecting vinyl records. I love music! (if you can't tell).

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    Fun fact: I love to cook and create my own recipes, I've also been eating plant-based since late September and enjoy converting recipes to be cruelty-free.

    My name is Gabby LaPierre and I currently live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


    My favourite part of living on the East Coast is being surrounded by the sea. And eating oatcakes of course! Although I've changed a lot since I was little what has always stayed the same was my love of the ocean and reading. I got it from my mother who got it from hers. Books have always been an outlet for my mind to momentarily escape. Between pulling my hair out over school, creating art, and cooking, I'm engrossed in a book to decompress.


    I believe it is important to support local authors because it brings the community closer by sharing our culture, places, and stories. This is why I'm so excited to become a Literacy Champion with Digitally Lit and meet like-minded people.


    And there's nothing wrong with always being the kid who raises their hand when the teacher asks: "And who thought the book was better than the movie?"

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    Fun fact: I can currently play 4 instruments. Piano, guitar, ukulele, and most percussion instruments. 

    Hi! My name is Jane Tucker and I currently live in Antigonish Nova Scotia but previously I have lived in Ottawa Ontario and more recently Corner Brook Newfoundland. 

    Since as long as I can remember I have loved stories, be them read, watched or shared verbally. Outside of my love for reading I am an artistic swimmer and have a love for baking just about anything. My favourite genres would have to be fantasy and dystopia but truthfully I will read just about anything. 

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    Fun fact:  I am a cat person and currently have two pet cats.

    My name is Jessica Murphy and I live in West Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia! I’m currently in grade 12 preparing to go to University in Fall 2021.

    Ever since I first learned how to read, I have been reading book after book all from different genres. I inherited my love for reading from my mom. Growing up I remember specifically looking forward to joining my local public library's summer reading program. The program had prizes, and the more books you read the more milestones you reached. I would finish every summer with so many books checked off of my list, it was so rewarding! Now I take my time to enjoy what I read because it is a great way for me to escape. My personal favourite genres are currently graphic/manga but I also enjoy a good fantasy or thriller novel.

    What I most look forward to when it comes to being a Literacy Champion is discovering local authors and seeking out new varieties of books. It’s also important to me to keep reading alive among our community to spark some joy in people’s lives – whether that be a book or an ebook you can learn so many new things!

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    Fun fact:  I love my dogs, I own a cactus, I love arts, and going swimming. I am a pretty competitive person. I am 16 years old

    My name is Kayla Christina, and I live in Sackville Nova Scotia. 

    Some of the experiences that make me an ideal literacy champion are that I am excellent at thinking outside the box and thinking on the more creative side of things. I have always been great at coming up with my own story ideas especially in my two favourite genres: dystopian fiction and thriller.

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      Fun fact:  I'm really interested in plants and love taking care of my African Violet at home. I really wanna own my own herb and flower garden.

      My name is Luna Robichaud. I'm almost 16 and I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Every second weekend I spend in Sackville Nova Scotia with my father.  I decided to take on as a Literacy Champion as it seems like a good fit for my high school co-op placement.


      Since my teacher introduced me to Digitally Lit I am intrigued by the organization's inclusiveness and how all the books are centred around authors based in Atlantic Canada. Honestly I never even knew there were so many books written by Atlantic Canadian Authors! 


      My reading and art have always been something my mother encourages me to do since I enjoyed it so much. I have almost a dozen sketchbooks, lots of books and almost 10 or so notebooks for writing down ideas for my own creative fiction. I accidentally read through my English classes in junior high because the books I was reading were so interesting and a nice break from my chaotic and loud classroom. My favorite genres are Dystopian apocalyptic, Sci-fi, and  Fantasy. I also love being outdoors and in quiet forest areas, above all else, I love to read my books surrounded by nature.

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      Fun fact: I've been playing basketball for over 10 years!

      Hello! I am a 15-year-old homeschooled student living in New Brunswick, Canada. I developed reading skills early on and fell in love with reading immediately. Aside from reading and writing, I love to play the piano, practice basketball, and digitally edit photos and videos. 

      I’m an avid reader, and the library’s always been like my second home. My grandma used to be a librarian before I was born. I also remember helping my mom volunteer at our local library when I was 6. Even my cat loves books (well sitting on them at least!) I guess the love of books runs in the family!

      One of my favourite quotes by Barack Obama is “Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.” And while I love all kinds of books, one of my favourite book genres is autobiographies. Currently, I am working on writing my own book and I hope to have it published one day. 

      I speak English and Arabic and have used my bilingual skills, through different volunteer opportunities in the past, to help make a difference. I’m also learning French and Turkish. One of the things I’m most looking forward to when it comes to being a Literacy Champion is to continue contributing in ways that are meaningful to me and discovering new books and authors. I hope to get more people - especially in my age group - inspired and reading books. I believe that reading, at any age, is essential to creating and leading a bright future. 

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