Community Opportunities


Youth Ambassador

United in their love of reading books and specifically, those published right here in Atlantic Canada, Digitally Lit Youth Ambassadors are a diverse group of critical and creative "digital natives" tasked with representing their peers from both rural and urban regions of Atlantic Canada.

Literacy Champion

A volunteer position at Digitally Lit, Literacy Champs are book smart, media-savvy youth from across Atlantic Canada tasked with sharing their honest opinion of the Atlantic Canadian books they read with peers. 

Deaf or HOH Peer ASL Mentor

As the Deaf/HOH (Hard of Hearing) Peer ASL Mentor, your main focus will be the ASL Storytime project. You will be the bridge for the Deaf/HOH community to Digitally Lit and the rest of the hearing world, and give Deaf and HOH kids the opportunity to experience Atlantic Canadian books.