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Community Opportunities

We’re Always up for Working with the Community.


In fact, as per our youth-vetted and approved Community Pledge, “How We Succeed Together,” we take pride in building and diversifying partnerships with a broad range of stakeholders—community groups, businesses, non-profits, bookstores, libraries, schools, post-secondary institutions (you name it!)—from across the region.


That’s because at Digitally Lit, we love working and building together.


For example, through Atlantic Indies, we launched a peelable, acid-free book sticker campaign with participating independent bookstores to identify local books “loved” by our youth participants. Through NL-based, elementary school Reading Specialists, we also have Digitally Lit led education pilots in select classrooms across Newfoundland & Labrador’s Avalon Peninsula.


AND we offer supervised high school co-op placements from across Nova Scotia and have forged strong partnerships with the Frye Academy, post-secondary institutions, as well as First Nations and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities across the region, and so much more.


So, if you’re a teacher, parent, or youth that loves reading, creativity and critical thinking and is seeking innovative ways to engage—or  a community group/business interested looking for positive ways to collaborate and contribute—please, reach out.


We have Youth Ambassadors and Literacy Champions from across Atlantic Canada who are ready and willing to build more success stories with you.


Youth Ambassadors

United in their love of reading books and specifically, those published right here in Atlantic Canada, Digitally Lit Youth Ambassadors are a diverse group of critical and creative "digital natives" tasked with representing their peers from both rural and urban regions of Atlantic Canada.

Literacy Champions

A volunteer position at Digitally Lit, Literacy Champs are book smart, media-savvy youth from across Atlantic Canada tasked with sharing their honest opinion of the Atlantic Canadian books they read with peers. 

Connect With Us

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