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Become a Youth Ambassador

United in their love of reading books and specifically, those published right here in Atlantic Canada, Digitally Lit Youth Ambassadors are a diverse group of critical and creative "digital natives" tasked with representing their peers from both rural and urban regions of Atlantic Canada.


These Youth Ambassadors are currently charged with:


  • Reading a minimum of one book published by an Atlantic Canadian publisher every two months and subsequently using the digital realm (filming vlogs, writing online blogs, discussing over social media; etc.) so as to familiarize other potential young readers.

  • Sharing book reviews on social media and on the Book Review section of the Digitally Lit website.

  • Digitally networking with peer groups in their respective region.

  • Representing the strategy as a youth spokesperson in their respective region.

  • Representing a broad and diverse range of peers from their region

  • Guiding and supporting an open, inclusive and respectful learning environment.

To view current openings for Youth Ambassador positions Click Here

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