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Become a Youth Ambassador

United in their love of reading books and specifically, those published right here in Atlantic Canada, Digitally Lit Youth Ambassadors are a diverse group of critical and creative "digital natives" tasked with representing their peers from both rural and urban regions of Atlantic Canada.


These Youth Ambassadors are currently charged with:


  • Reading a minimum of one book published by an Atlantic Canadian publisher every two months and subsequently using the digital realm (filming vlogs, writing online blogs, discussing over social media; etc.) so as to familiarize other potential young readers.

  • Sharing book reviews on social media and on the Book Review section of the Digitally Lit website.

  • Digitally networking with peer groups in their respective region.

  • Representing the strategy as a youth spokesperson in their respective region.

  • Representing a broad and diverse range of peers from their region

  • Guiding and supporting an open, inclusive and respectful learning environment.

You can read our job description here. (Downloadable pdf 157KB)

We thank you for your interest in Digitally Lit.

Certain non-fiction titles will be required to fit the Canada Council for the Arts non-literary fiction category. Please discuss with Digitally Lit mentors on a case-by-case basis.

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