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Vision, Mission & Values

The following Vision, Mission and Core Value Statements were unanimously approved by all Youth Ambassadors at the virtual Monthly Update Meeting held November 4, 2020.

Kindly note that Digitally Lit’s Strategic Approach is subject to ongoing iterative and continuous improvement.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to empower youth to imagine, co-create and champion bright futures together through books.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to harness the creativity and critical thinking skills of digital natives to explore original and compelling new ways of engaging others with books made right here in Atlantic Canada.

★Critical thinking ★Creativity ★ Empowerment

★ Equity & Collaboration ★ Integrity.

Core Values

★ Creativity: We continuously inspire and explore innovative and fun ways to engage ourselves and others.


★ Critical Thinking: We always reflect on the “why” and “how” before taking action on any new creations.


★ Empowerment: We strive to provide easy and open access to the resources needed to champion any and all positive actions.


★ Equity & CollaborationWe source and leverage the collective resources of our vast community, striving to ensure diverse representation and just spaces for all.


★ Integrity: We constantly strive to know and do what’s right.

Media Contact

Want to learn more about Digitally Lit and the amazing ideas and people behind it?


Founded in critical theory.

Visit our academic research page to learn more about our community-based research findings.

We believe as we come to know & embrace who and where we are, we can better define our futures and change the world.

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