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Community Agreement

How we succeed together. 

No matter who you are, where you come from, or the role you play, all Digitally Lit team members have the right to respectful and kind interactions within the project. 

We build our community together... which means each individual has a responsibility to their teammates and to the project as a whole. All team members will be held accountable for their actions in both online and offline space. Additionally, the team can only function if all members complete each of their work responsibilities by agreed-upon deadlines and communicate their respective work-related needs. Anyone who is having trouble completing work to expectations should reach out to core Digitally Lit staff to adjust their work plan. 

We recognize too that certain identity and class groups are subject to social discrimination and as a result, inequality often features prominently in many teams. In this regard, Digitally Lit core staff pledges to actively create an inclusive team atmosphere and respond to any justice issues brought to our attention. To this end, all team members are expected to identify and work against barriers to access, inclusion and equity. 

Since much of this project takes place online, all team members are expected to represent the team safely and respectfully in these domains, including social media. If a team member feels unsafe at any point, it is important to ensure their concerns are communicated to core staff. An issue one person is having may well be something others are experiencing as well. 

All Digitally Lit team members are expected to honour and uphold the Community Agreement through the duration of their involvement in the project. Meanwhile, as we move through the project, this Community Agreement may be altered to reflect ongoing conversations within the team on how better to build a caring and inclusive work community. 

I agree to the terms and conditions stated above.

Thank you for being a part of our community!

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