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Strategy Mentors

In addition to our Youth Ambassadors, Digitally Lit is run by an independent team of consultants (a core staff of nerds with a love of books). With a shared passion for literacy and Atlantic Canada, together they work to help co-create a strategy for Digitally Lit. 
Robin Grant
Robin Grant

Robin Grant has a passion for the arts, youth and great stories. Strategy Director for Digitally Lit, Robin is also a seasoned journalist and education consultant with experience developing multimedia products for a host of organizations, including CBC Radio, the Manufactured Right Here program, the National Research Council and the Association for New Canadians. Founder of For the Love of Learning (2006)-- a non-profit dedicated to supporting resilient youth in Newfoundland & Labrador through creative place-based learning--Robin went on to launch the NL branches of Journalists for Human Rights, Uth Ink (Playwrights Guild of Canada) and Homeless Nation.  For her efforts Robin was awarded the Literacy Medallion from the Council of the Federation (2010), shortlisted for "Free the Children International's" Me To We Social Justice award (2008), featured in a Chatelaine Magazine cover story "How One Woman Made A Difference" (2008), and more. 


Since moving to Nova Scotia in 2017, Robin has served as Sales & Education Rep as well as Book Me! Podcast’s producer for Nimbus Publishing.   In her spare time, Robin enjoys exploring local waterfalls and wineries, hanging with friends, and partaking in just about any outdoor activity with her partner Mike.

Strategy Coordinator 
Laura Hines
Laura Hines

​Laura has a passion for reading books, solving puzzles, sipping tea, writing creatively and exploring the outdoors through the lens of her camera. She is a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University. She also holds a Journalism Diploma from Holland College. She currently helps Atlantic Canadian youth create online engagement content representing Atlantic Canadian publishers as the Public Engagement Mentor at Digitally Lit: Atlantic Canadian Youth Read.

Public Engagement Mentor
Taylor Stocks
Taylor Stocks

Taylor Stocks is a PhD student in Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland studying equity, democracy, and student-led systemic change.


He has extensive experience in public engagement, working with the university, local government, and various non-profit and arts organizations to deepen their ties within St. John’s and the broader community. Taylor has developed and delivered numerous youth-oriented learning opportunities on topics ranging from understanding political systems to the intersections of the arts and identity. 


Taylor is currently Chair of the Inclusion Advisory Committee for the City of St. John’s and sits on Memorial’s Equity Employment Committee. He has given more than fifty workshops, presentations, and talks on gender equity and LGBTQ organizing. In his spare time, Taylor writes and plays music and entertains audiences as their drag character, Doctor Androbox.


When he grows up, Taylor would like to be Elton John.

Research Assistant
Sarah Sawlor
Sarah Sawlor

Sarah Sawler is the author of Be Prepared: The Frankie MacDonald Guide to Life, the Weather and Everything, which recently took home the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award.

She’s also the author of 100 Things You Don't Know About Atlantic Canada (for kids) and 100 Things You Don’t Know About Nova Scotia.


She reviews books for Quill & Quire and works as a publicist for Conundrum Press.


She lives in Halifax with her partner, two children, one dog, one cat, and one bearded dragon.

Youth Advocate
Andrea Witzke

Andrea is a carbon-based life form, consisting primarily of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. She also contains trace elements of  iron, cobalt, zinc, iodine, selenium, and flourine.

Along with serving as Digitally Lit's Digital Media Mentor Andrea is a Chef. a web developer and designer, a student of yoga and the Dharma of the Buddha, and a gluten-free baker.

She can be found on the south shore of Nova Scotia in service to a regal Nova Scotia house Panther known as  Miranda Panther or HRM that PANTHER. 

Digital Media Mentor
Lynne Fox
(Alumni )

Lynne Fox is a documentary storyteller who specializes in photography and film. Originally from the United Kingdom, Lynne has experience developing and facilitating both photography and digital media workshops for youth at the Nacro Services Program in England.  A certified soccer coach, Lynne has taught and shared her love of the sport with everyone from preschool children to Special Olympians and fellow soccer peers Canada-wide. A self-professed cynophilist, craft beer enthusiast and Pooh Bear aficionado, Lynne’s also the Sound Engineer of the Book Me! Podcast with Costas Halavrezos. As well as being the Digital Media Manager for Digitally Lit, Lynne continues to work freelance in media production (film and photography) as well as maintaining her business in research and and permissions for various educational publishers in both Canada and the United States.


Lynne still plays soccer on the weekends, and can often be heard over the TV speakers if you happen to be watching the HFX Wanders playing at home (true story).

Digital Media Manager
Alex Choiniere
(Alumni )

A young entrepreneur and technical prodige, Alex has dabbled in online game creation and visual storytelling since the age of eleven. After achieving a diploma in 3D Game Animation from the Centre for Arts and Technology, he went on to successfully co-found game companies with other makers, and win or place in various Canada-wide game jam competitions. An experienced animator, Alex also has experience working on children’s cartoons such as  Bob the Builder and Doozers. He recently founded his own solo game company, Shweep Games.

Creative Consultant
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