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From a Literacy Champion to a Youth Ambassador

From a Literacy Champion to a Youth Ambassador

By: Youth Ambassador Savannah Ferris

Youth Ambassador Savanna Ferris holding the following books: The Dead Letter, Catch My Drift, and Some People's Children
Youth Ambassador Savannah Ferris

I first heard about Digitally Lit by some of my friends as they were already youth ambassadors and saw all the cool things they were doing. I loved their initiative of promoting Atlantic Canadian reads; being a huge reader myself I knew I needed to get in on the action. I applied and soon was given a volunteer position as the very first Literacy Champion! Everyone on the team was so welcoming and friendly! They easily helped me adapt, Laura and Robin are super supportive of everyone!

After a couple of months, I was asked to become a youth ambassador which is the position I currently hold. All of the youth ambassadors contribute with a bunch of enthusiasm to help bring a positive atmosphere to Digitally Lit and the book community. Digitally Lit has helped connect me with amazing local books that I would not necessarily pick up otherwise - all by authors from Atlantic Canada. The books I have currently read and reviewed with digitally lit are “Catch My Drift”, “Some people’s children”, “The Dead Letter” and “Queen of Crows.” I have loved them all and couldn’t put them down!

Youth Ambassador Savannah Ferris throwing the book "The Dead Letter" in the air
Youth Ambassador Savannah Ferris

My process for choosing the books is trying to find books that are not typically a genre that I would usually read so I can branch out. I have also been trying to pick books from each of the partnering publishers so I can get a good variety. Overall, my experience at Digitally Lit has been unlike any other and I love being a part of this incredible team!

To keep up to date with Savannah’s book reviews, you can follow her on Instagram by clicking here.

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