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The Keepers of the Pact

The Keepers of the Pact

A thrilling middle-grade adventure set in Newfoundland, featuring mermaids, intrepid explorers, and ancient secrets.

Every town has a secret. And Brigus in Newfoundland and Labrador is no different. For hundreds of years the Pact of Protection has held, and the seaside fishing town has guarded an ancient and dangerous knowledge. But when business tycoon Mr. Grey begins blasting rock for a tunnel, it’s more than rock that is blown apart: the pact itself is weakened and bits of the secret begin to slip out.

In their search for hidden pirate treasure, twelve-year-old Alistair and his friends Ben and Sadie stumble into the middle of this mystery. The more they learn about the pact, the more the shrieking song, the unexplained leaks in fishing vessels, and the mystery ship in the harbour begin to make sense.

Partnering with the pact keepers, Alistair, Ben, and Sadie must re-instate the agreement for the benefit of all. If they don’t, a lot more than a few ships will be harmed. Everything the good people of Brigus understand about the sea could be in danger. A magical middle grade novel full of intrigue and adventure, Keepers of the Pact will inspire bravery in intrepid explorers and mystery seekers everywhere.