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Creative Mind Happy Soul: DoodleYour Way to Inner Calm

Creative Mind Happy Soul: DoodleYour Way to Inner Calm

This combines four pillars of wellness and self–care in one unique journal. Every page is a guided journey to greater inner calm and focus. Doodling to lower anxiety, journaling to untangle your mind, mood trackers to monitor feelings and gratitude nudges to help you shift your mind to positive thinking.

This journal is one of the top self–care books on the market today. Doodling has long been featured in a number of research and scientific publications for alleviating stress. Now Creative Mind, Happy Soul brings therapeutic doodling to life like no other journal in existence.

That’s because this journal is divided into separate mindfulness activities. On the one side, there is a space for journaling with easy writing prompts provided to record your thoughts and feelings. On the other side, and unlocking stress relief and self–belief, are the guided doodling activities, gratitude nudges and mood trackers. All to help you deal with anxiety and increase your proficiency at unlocking the infinite power of your creative mind.

Whenever you feel as if life is getting too stressful and you need a break, writing down your thoughts on a journal page, and doodling, will help you navigate through that storm of anxiety and negativity. The science supports doodling for wellness as a quick, relaxing and restorative tool to help lower your anxiety.

Even if you’re an old hand at writing, this journal offers a new shorthand to identify and deal with each symptom of anxiety with plenty of motivational sections such as “A Little About Me” or “Gratitude Nudges”. This activity journal will help you find the motivation to go on and happily face another day with full confidence.

So, you don’t need to be a writer or artist of any kind to doodle. Every person, every age, every profession, from president to preschooler, has used doodling to great success. This journal is designed to give you the same advantage of unlocking the most powerful part of your brain, relieving stress and finding new focus. And through this journey, will help you discover your full potential within.