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Ariela White: What I love about Digitally Lit!

Who wants free books? I know I do! For those of you who don’t know what Digitally Lit is, it is a youth engagement strategy that aims to empower young Atlantic Canadians by connecting books with technology! Digitally Lit is something that makes you want to get off your phone, and pick up a book! I also love that Digitally Lit supports Atlantic publishers and Atlantic authors that would usually get overlooked. I have the position of Youth Ambassador for Digitally Lit, and it’s the best job ever! I get free books from local Atlantic Canadian publishers, and all I have to do is read them and promote the books on social media, plus give reviews. And I get paid to read! Isn’t that awesome? I am given a list of Atlantic Canadian publishers, and I choose any book from their catalogues! I love all the books that I get to chose from, they are so fun to read! I like to scan the catalogues for books that are in a series, because then I have another collection to add to my book shelf! The books that I’ve gotten from Digitally Lit are:

If you want to be a Youth Ambassador, check out for more information.

And down below, we have Kira the mermaid swimming in the ocean. I drew this for one of my fellow youth ambassadors engagement projects, Youth Draw the Word!

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