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You are most like Kate from Wereduck by Dave Atkinson.


Like Katie, you prioritize being true to yourself.
You know and love who you are, and have notime for others trying to change you.


You enjoy things that are special and unique, even rare.


Meanwhile, don’t be afraid to share who you are with others - people will understand and appreciate you a lot more than you may think!

Wereduck follows Kate as she breaks away from tradition on the night of her thirteenth birthday, turning into a duck instead of a wolf like the rest of her werewolf family.


Further shaking things up for Kate and her family are the new werewolves and the odd-mannered reporter who breeze into their small rural New Brunswick town around the same time.


Both funny and heartfelt, Wereduck is a story about embracing who you are and all the wonderful things that stem from being yourself.

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