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Sharing our Community-based findings...

Before Digitally Lit was a known entity, there was the one-year Atlantic Publishers Digital Youth Engagement Strategy (APDYES). Supported through the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Literacy and Intelligence Stream, this strategy was guided by four Atlantic Canadian publishers and supported by a doctoral intern from Memorial University and a team of hired consultants. Implicit to APDYES goals meanwhile was the direct engagement of Atlantic Canadian youth. These digital natives were selected and trained to review Atlantic Canadian literature and perform research within and among a variety of social and regional peer networks. To this end, between November 2019 and February 2020, a handful of young researchers were trained in how to conduct qualitative and quantitative research, both online and in person.

Click here to find some of results that justified a new public engagement strategy with digital natives—this time designed to engage the Canadian public in active citizenship through books and the arts in general.

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