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Molly Powers: Today I'm Talking About Books

Hey! My name is Molly Powers.

I am a 15-year-old Youth Ambassador from Newfoundland and


Today I’m talking about BOOKS!

Books are some of my favourite things aside from plants and my dog Rosie. I love reading and through Digitally Lit I have unlimited

opportunities to read with a purpose.

I have read many Atlantic Canadian titles from Rattled by Lisa Harrington to The Lost Sister by Andrea Gunraj...

My point is I love supporting local and getting the word out there about amazing authors in our hometowns. From my starting days at Digitally Lit I have wanted to make something big from writing and reading. Making connections with other bookworms, using my social media to promote events and upcoming projects and being able to carry my activist spirit into my work and passions like photography.

One of my more recent posts was on March 8th for “International Women’s Day”-- one of the most empowering days of the year. I am a strong young woman with strong opinions and passion. Being able to be a part of an initiative that not only fosters this but also encourages me to be bold and loud has helped to unleash my personality and I am forever grateful.

At Digitally Lit, we strive to encourage not only young women but also young people to be empowered. We want to see a world where

there is no pride taken in only reading one book in your high school career!

And more importantly, if you enjoy reading and connecting with the characters don't be afraid to own it. We love to see it. Once a bookworm always a bookworm.

I’m going to leave you with this quote: “EMBRACE your weirdness.”

Talk soon.



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