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You are most like: Muinji’j from Muinji’j Becomes A Man by Saqamaw Mi’sel Joe


Like Muinji’j you’re curious, caring, and steadfast. Motivated by an admirable sense of duty, you always keep your word and believe in seeing any situation to the end— even if the odds appear to be stacked against you. Clever and resourceful, you’re keen to prove how capable you are, which is why you’re quick to embrace almost any challenge. Just remember it’s alright to go a little easy from time to time and allow others to have your back, too.

Muinji’j Becomes A Man follows Muinji’j as he sets out with his grandfather to sell furs and pelts in the city and bring back supplies for their village. The journey is a long one, testing Muinji’j at every turn, which grows harder when Muinji’j’s grandfather falls ill. Muinji’j tries his best to heal him, but it soon becomes clear that Muinji’j must push forward alone and come back for his grandfather. Muinji’j continues to head for the city, knowing that his grandfather and their village are relying on him. Muinji’j Becomes A Man is a heartwarming story of courage, kindness, and maturity.

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