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Your result? 

You are most like Ginny from Amelia and Me by Heather Stemp.

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Like Ginny, you are very determined and goal orientated. You have dreams and goals you wish to achieve, and you put your ALL into achieving them.


You may feel like very few people understand your drive, but that doesn’t stop you from always doing your best and trying your hardest.


And while your passion and drive are wonderful, just remember to be kind and gentle with yourself too.

Based on the childhood of the author’s aunt, Amelia and Me follows Ginny Ross in her hometown of Harbour Grace, Newfoundland & Labrador, as she pursues her goal of

becoming a pilot.  

Despite the numerous obstacles she faces, Ginny continues to learn and grow with the help of her grandfather, aunt, and uncle while butting heads with her mother.  

When Amelia Earhart arrives in Harbour Grace for her first solo flight over the Atlantic Ocean, things start to turn around for Ginny. Amelia and Me is packed with adventure, history, and characters that are full of personality

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