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Digitally Lit: Atlantic Canadian Youth Read is a literacy strategy focused on creative, critical and respectful youth engagement that leads to authentic youth learning and empowerment. To this end, Youth Ambassadors from across the region are co-leading and co-creating learning activities with peers. Each activity is uniquely designed to directly engage the Ambassador’s respective peer group according to where and who they are.  

Where they are

Today’s Atlantic Canadian youth are scattered throughout urban and rural settings in a variety of schools, homes, workplaces, colleges, universities and now more than ever, online spaces. While global citizens, it is clear that these youth are where they are due to a variety of historical, economic and social influences unique to their Atlantic Canadian environments.

Who they are

Digitally Lit focuses on those youth aged 13 to 25, or Generation Z. As research has demonstrated, these young people are a considerably diverse, forward-thinking group of digital natives. Today’s young people are motivated by human rights, environmentalism and other important social justice issues. They identify as trans, queer, Black, Indigenous, bilingual, trilingual, and beyond. These youth prioritize inclusion, accommodation and diversity. Many of them have also forayed into entrepreneurship and other creative enterprises. 


Both Digitally Lit’s books – all of which are published within Atlantic Canada—and our approach--  youth-informed, youth-led and multimodal --are designed to meet young people wherever and whoever they are.

Atlantic Canadian Middle Grade Fiction Books

Focused on social emotional learning

Reflecting educational shifts away from rote learning and memorization to embrace engaging and critical pedagogy, Digitally Lit helps youth prepare for a future no one can predict by honing such solution-oriented skills as insight, creativity, and integrated social emotional learning. To view a curated selection of locally published and themed Middle Grade Fiction books focused on Social Emotional Learning and suitable for Grades 4, 5 & 6 Anglophone Classrooms, please click here. 

About Digitally Lit Youth Ambasadors

Digitally Lit’s Youth Ambassadors are cherry-picked, book-loving digital natives between the ages of 13 and 25 united by their love of reading, writing, critical thinking, creativity and media savvy. They represent and connect with youth through and across the provinces of Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Each is invited to leverage their unique skill sets to engage other young readers with a bevy of Atlantic Canadian literature. Our Youth Ambassadors continue to spearhead a variety of youth engagement projects both on and offline. 


To learn more about our Youth Ambassadors, please click here. To learn about some of the online projects launched by these Youth Ambassadors, please click here

About Digitally Lit

Founded in critical theory and facilitated online, Digitally Lit: Atlantic Canadian Youth Read is a pan-Atlantic literacy and youth empowerment strategy facilitated by our region’s digital natives: our youth. Guided by consultants and supported by five Atlantic Canadian publishers, Digitally Lit aims to empower our young people to co-create and critically engage peers through creative online engagement on the topic of books published in Atlantic Canada.

About our partnering Atlantic Canadian Publishers

In the interest of critical pedagogy and place-based learning, all our participating publishers are from Atlantic Canada. These include Acorn Press (PEI), Breakwater Books (NL), Bouton d’or Acadie (NB), Goose Lane Editions (NB) and Nimbus Publishing (NS). 

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