Just as fourteen-year-old Lucy is starting to figure out life after her mom��s death, her dad ships her off to Cape John, her mom��s hometown, for the summer. Worse, she has to live with her nutty great-aunt Josie, who doesn��t cook edible food or suffer fools. Soon Lucy meets Colin, freshly moved from the West Coast, who��s digging an enormous hole in his new yard. He spends every day digging deeper in protest of his family��s unilateral decision to move to this tiny oceanside community. As Colin digs in the ground, Lucy digs through her family��s history, and eventually both of them uncover a shocking truth.
The Big Dig asks big questions of its readers: Are secrets ever okay? What defines a family? And can we ever really know our parents? Lisa Harrington��s light and funny voice blends seamlessly with Lucy��s grief, creating an authentic and riveting emotional landscape.

The Big Dig

  • ISBN associated with this title: 9781771087544 Item NB1425 Publisher Nimbus Publishing Publisher Nimbus Publishing Published on June 11 2019 Language eng Pages 248 Format Paperback Dimensions 8(in) x 5.25(in) Shipping weight 288(g) Status ACTIVE TITLE