• Robin Grant

Nova Scotian teen creates virtual Afro-Indigenous youth book club

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Damini Awoyiga, a Digitally Lit youth ambassador, plans for club members to read books from local Black and Indigenous authors.

Inspiring peers about other experiences and cultures makes 13-year-old Damini Awoyiga enthusiastic. She found a love for reading when she was four, started writing poetry and short stories at 10 and on her 13th birthday became a youth ambassador at Digitally Lit: Atlantic Canadian Youth Read. Now, she’s blended her passion for stories and culture by starting the Afro-Indigenous Youth Book Club — the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada.

“I first got my idea when I thought that I should try and raise awareness for books written by Black and Indigenous authors,” she says, “and [to] try to talk to youth about Black and Indigenous experiences.” Read more here (Link to article on Halifax Today)


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