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Frequently asked questions

Youth (13-25)

How can I take part in the project?

All interested Atlantic Canadian youth between and including the ages of 13 and 25 are encouraged to actively engage in our social media discussions and blog posts (available on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo).

Why is there an age limit on this project?

While we encourage people of all ages to read, currently users of various social media platforms are legally required to be aged 13 and over.

Which books are involved in this project?

All books are published in Atlantic Canada. A full list of recommended, age-appropriate titles, can be found here.

How old do I need to be to participate in Digitally Lit’s various social media campaigns as well as your online survey?

Participants in Digitally Lit must be youth currently between the ages of 13 and 25 inclusive.

Do I have to be from Atlantic Canada?

Nope! Anyone living in Canada between and including the ages of 13 and 25 are welcome to participate

Do I need to currently live in Atlantic Canada?

All youth between 13 and 25 are welcome to take part in Digitally Lit-- such as our social media campaigns and online survey. Meanwhile to qualify as a Youth Ambassador, the candidate must have lived in Atlantic Canada for at least five years at the time of application, and ideally consider one of these four provinces their place of permanent residence. To learn more about our criteria for Youth Ambassadorship please visit here.

What if my first language is something other than English?

That’s fantastic. We encourage diversity on this project. In fact, we are proud to welcome youth from all social, cultural, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds to participate in Digitally Lit. Please let us know if you or any other youth may be encountering any barriers to Digitally Lit project participation and we’ll do our best to remove them.

Do you have any books that are not in English?

Yes, we can also provide a limited number of age-appropriate books in French, Mi’kmaq and Gaelic.

Do you provide audio books/books for the visually impaired?

While we currently have no books in braille, we do carry a small selection of audio books suitable to youth participants over the age of 18.

Do I have to use social media to participate?

Digitally Lit is a project that mobilizes social media and other online platforms so that youth might collectively discuss books published in Atlantic Canada. If you don’t use any type of social media, get in touch with us and Digitally Lit core staff will work with you to support your involvement.


How can my child benefit from participating in Digitally Lit?

Digitally Lit is a youth-informed pilot project aimed at developing a critical sense of place among Atlantic Canadian youth using texts published in Atlantic Canada. Participating youth will thus be encouraged to explore and develop skills in critical thinking, leadership, community engagement, and digital literacy. As a result, we expect participating youth will gain valuable experience working with peers on a project that values the health and wellbeing of all involved.

How do I know my children are safe while participating in the project?

All Digitally Lit core staff have received clearance through police background checks as of June 20, 2019. In addition, core staff will routinely monitor our social media pages to ensure that all participating youth are welcomed into a safe, respectful and inclusive online environment.

What experience does the Digitally Lit core staff have working with youth?

All of the core Digitally Lit staff have experience of working with youth from diverse backgrounds. Please find their bios here.

Do I need to read the books chosen for the project before my child?

If you’d like to be more involved in the project, we invite you to read the books your child is reading for Digitally Lit. However, all of our books have been carefully vetted prior to their distribution, so it is not necessary to read the books beforehand.

How are the books chosen?

The books involved in the Digitally Lit project have been chosen by the publishing partners as both age and culturally appropriate for young readers between 13 and 25 years of age. Additionally, these books have been vetted for individual youth readers by Digitally Lit core staff.

How will the Digitally Lit team communicate with my child?

Other than youth who wish to participate in our interprovincial “in-person” focus groups (dates and locations still to be determined), all youth will be communicated with online -either via email or social media venues.

Will this project detract from my child’s school studies?

From a strategic perspective, Digitally Lit is keen to prioritize each youth participant’s family, health, and studies above the work of Digitally Lit. Therefore core staff are empowered to support youth with their work process so as to ensure it does not interfere with wellness or schoolwork. We are also happy to address any concerns that may arise as school gets busier.

How does the team navigate issues of equity and inclusion?

Equity and inclusion are two foundational values that underpin the Digitally Lit strategy. Check out our Community Agreement.

We have imposed restrictions on how long our child can spend online. How will Digitally Lit be tracking the time each child spends online? Each child’s work patterns?

Digitally Lit staff will be monitoring the progress of each Youth Ambassador’s work, including the time they spend online (for the purposes of this strategy only), through an easy-to-use online project management platform

Youth Ambassadors

I’m a slow reader; what if I don’t finish the book in time?

Youth Ambassadors have three months to read a book and subsequently discuss this book and digital practices among their peers online, so even if you are a slow reader, this project is for you! Digitally Lit core staff is happy to work with you to ensure that deadlines are being met.

Do the books come in e-book or audio book form?

Depending on the book, yes. The books come in a variety of formats for your reading/listening ease. Please email us for more information.

Another young person (sibling/friend) wants to work with me, is that possible?

If you’re interested in working with another young person and splitting the work and payment for the Youth Ambassador position, do let us know! We are happy to have teams involved as long as the parents of those youth under 18 years of age are aware of the arrangement and, of course, the job is getting done.

When and how do I get paid?

Youth Ambassadors will be paid monthly by cheque.

Do I get to choose the books I read?

Digitally Lit will provide a broad set of age-appropriate books published in Atlantic Canada for those youth under 16 to read. Otherwise, provided it’s approved by Digitally Lit core staff, young people 18 years and older are free to choose whatever book they’d like to read, provided it is published by one of our participating Atlantic Canadian publishers.

I found a book I want to read but it is listed as 'distributed' not 'published' by one of the partner publishers, does this matter?

Unfortunately it does. Any books listed as 'distributed' are not actually published by our partners, and are therefore not part of this initiative.

Do I have to pay for the books I'm reading?

No, Digitally Lit provides all the books free-of-charge to our Youth Ambassadors.

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